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Bridge launching gantry , Hong Kong

It's great to see the bridge launching gantry designed and supplied by our business partner NDF / SDI for a viaduct project in Hong Kong.

... read more

Temporary portal truss

Temporary portal truss, Hong Kong

We are fabricating another set of steel trusses for a viaduct project in Hong Kong. These steel trusses will be used to support insitu concrete beams ... read more

Temporary portal truss

Grooved formwork and temporary portal truss, Hong Kong

It's good to see the portal trusses, as well as the pier and pier head formwork supplied by us to our Client in Hong Kong have successfully finished their intended ... read more

Bridge column

Grooved column and deck formwork in 3rd Runway, Hong Kong

Nice column with large number of grooved recesses. We are pleased that we have worked together with our Client for this iconic project in Hong Kong ... read more

Tunnel lining

Tunnel lining and overhead ventilation duct formwork, Hong Kong

Our tunnel lining formwork and Over Head Ventilation Duct (OHVD) formwork supplied for the Tseung Kwan O Lam Tin Tunnel Project in Hong Kong ... read more

Box culvert formwork

Box culvert formwork in Airport 3rd Runway, Hong Kong

We are thrilled to have just completed the fabrication and delivery of a large scale box culvert formwork project for our Client in one of the Third Runway projects in Hong Kong ... read more

Precast beam launcher

Precast beam launcher, Kenya

We have worked together with Strukturas DF International (SDI) for the design, supply and fabrication of a self launching gantry for 40m and 30m full span precast I-beam in Africa. ... read more

Tunnel steel arch rib

Tunnel steel arch ribs, Hong Kong

Despite the recent serious COVID issue, we still manage to deliver a large batch curved steel arch rib structural steelworks to a cavern project in Hong Kong ... read more


Fanling Bypass Project, Hong Kong

It's a pleasure to visit the Fanling Bypass Project in Hong Kong. We have supplied various sets of formwork and temporary structural steelworks ... read more



Precast Concrete Bridge Erection Equipment

Precast Concrete Bridge Erection Equipment

With our business partners, we can design, supply and fabricate various types of bridge construction equipment to suit ... read more

Heavy Transportation Equipment

Heavy Transportation Equipment

Vertical and horizontal transportation of heavy precast elements are always required for bridge construciton.  We are capable of ... read more

Cut and Cover Tunnel Formwork

Cut and Cover Tunnel Formwork

Cut and cover tunnel is an important and popular construction method.  We are capable of supplying various type of formwork ... read more

Precast Tunnel Lining Mould

Precast Tunnel Lining Mould & Carousel System

TBM tunnel is another modern tunnel construction method and the precast tunnel lining segment is vital to suit for this method. ... read more

Shear Studs

Shear Studs and Machining Products

iFORM also specializes in the supply of various engineering products such as the high shear stud to the ISO 13918 standard ... read more

Aluminium product

Aluminium Products

Aluminium has the best strength to weight ratio as a structural product and can have many repetitive uses as a formwork product ... read more

Insitu Concrete Bridge Equipment

Insitu Concrete Bridge Equipment

Insitu bridge construction method is suitable for different scales of bridge project, particularly for bridge with difficult ... read more

Bridge Pier Formwork

Bridge Pier Formwork

iFORM is dedicated to supply and fabricate high quality steel formwork with the most stringent Form 5 Class Finish, no matter ... read more

Structural Steelwork

Supply and Fabrication of Structural Steelwork

iFORM works with serval structural steelworks partners for the supply and fabrication of various types of structural steelworks ... read more

Bolt and Nut

Bolt & Nut

iFORM specializes in supplying fasteners and fixing systems like bolts and nuts and high tensile strength threaded bars and accessories. ... read more

Scaffold and Plank

Scaffolding and Planking

iFORM also works with several partners for the supply and fabrication of different types of standard or bespoke scaffolding ... read more

Structural Hollow

Structural Hollow Sections

Structural hollow sections, namely, Circular Hollow Sections (CHS) or Square / Rectangular Hollow Sections (SHS / RHS) ... read more

Precast Concrete Bridge Formwork

Precast Concrete Bridge Formwork

Precast concrete formwork plays a vital role in the bridge construction.  We are experienced in the design, supply ... read more

In-situ Tunnel Lining Formwork

In-situ Tunnel Lining Formwork

Insitu tunnel lining formwork is a very efficient and cost effective construction method for drill and blast tunnel.  It is also ... read more

Tunnel Transportation Equipment

Tunnel Transportation Equipment

Horizontal transportation for construction materials such as tunnel segment, grout, and excavated spoil insider tunnel during ... read more

Hydraulic cylinder

Design, Supply and Fabrication of Hydraulic and Electrical Equipment

Application of hydraulic and electrical technique are important for the construction equipment.  iFORM works with various partners ... read more


Tunnelling Equipment and Consumables

We have a large base of partners for the tunneling equipment, which range for small diameter pipe jacking machine to large ... read more



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iFORM Engineering Limited was established in Year 2018.  Our vision is to build up a business platform with our clients and partners with integrity, intelligence and innovation.


Our businesses mainly focus on bridges, tunnels and building engineering.  With our various partners who are the leaders in their respective field, we can design, supply and fabricate different types of construction equipment to suit for the different project requirements and construction method.  We can also supply and fabricate large volumes of permanent and temporary steelworks, steel formwork and adapt to different standards.




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